Signs of fat deprivation in the body are easily identifiable, “A low fat diet sends your body the signal there’s a famine. Your genes will say there’s probably a tiger chasing me. You get an output from your body that says the environment really isn’t that good,” says Dave Asprey founder of Bulletproof Coffee and author of The Better Baby Book

This leaves  a resulting problem with menstruation in women and erections in men, according to Asprey. He adds it affects, “Problems in your brain, unbalanced hormones and your cortisol levels go up. Including the right kinds of fat in your diet reverses these changes by telling your body you are in the land of plenty.”

Asprey says “get some” ice-cream is the reason he and his wife have children after years of heart wrenching disappointment and doctors telling them it was impossible for them to conceive, this recipe is what Asprey credits. His wife, a physician, suffered from polycyctic ovary syndrome but now has two babies after switching to bulletproof coffee and “get some” ice cream. Asprey says the recipe tells the body it is at the perfect level of homeostasis with the perfect balance of good fats.

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Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, neurologist and author of GAPS says, “Fats and meats nourish, vegetables cleanse.” She adds if you eat just vegetables you wash your body away through cleansing without nourishing.

Beneficial fats are butter from grass fed cows, expeller pressed coconut oil, tallow rendered from grass fed cows, lard rendered from pastuered pork and olive oil.

He says, “This is the power of fats, they increase your hormones and increase your fertility.”

Without enough fat the body doesn’t function normally. Many normal functions are affected including the gall bladder and reproductive organs. Asprey says eating good fat, “Is not increasing your hormones, it’s balancing out your hormones.” 

To read more about Bulletproof Coffee click here, or go to Dave’s site here.

 Dr. Tom O’Bryan from says, “This is not a stimulant. This is not the caffeine of coffee that’s kicking up your pulse that you’re going to crash from. This is the results from both the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and brain function.”

Recent studies on the progression of Alzheimer’s have shown MCT halts the process. Brain function is increased on MCT and most astoundingly, “Medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil and coconuts in general are a food for the brain,” O’Bryan says. The combination of the coconut oil and butter in Bulletproof Coffee, “gives the brain the energy it needs.”

Asprey admits, “Good quality cultured butter, the silver label not the Kerrygold gold label, has butyric acid. Butyric acid is a short chain fatty acid. There are studies showing that short chain fatty acids reduce inflammation in the brain. They also are responsible for a lot of healing in the gut.”

Inflammation reduction diminishes food craving and increases brain clarity.

Asprey says, “The coffee oils themselves turn off certain inflammation pathways in the brain.” He tested and discovered paper filters were inhibiting these beneficial oils from digestion as the paper filter was absorbing the oils. When a metal filter is used, like this one, the oils remain in tact for reduction of inflammation in the brain. 

“I would be really cautious about drinking hotel coffee or street coffee. Your odds of getting Mycotoxins that cross react with gluten (are prevalent), they also affect cognitive function,” Asprey says.

For Dave’s site including details and more explanation click here.

“Normal coffee gives me headaches, it slows me down, I get jittery and I crash.” Asprey goes on to say, “50-70% of calories on the bulletproof diet come from good fats,” with the focus being saturated fats. “Having excessive omega 3 is bad for you, having excessive omega 6 is really bad for you. Saturated fats are stable. They don’t oxidize and promote membrane flexibility. Eating the bulletproof diet helps you have better membranes and better hormones all at the same time.” 

Asprey’s wife, a physician, backed up his research and study, specifically the ingestion of high amounts of saturated fats. He has an abundance of medical articles on his site verifying the benefits of saturated fats pubished by the medical community.

This is hard for the average person to grasp as we have been fed low fat diet information our whole lives. Transitioning from non-fat to high-fat is a paradigm shift.

Typical signs of a fat deprived body: cravings for processed usually high starch foods, not feeling satiated after a meal, emotional swings, fertility problems, memory loss, compromised brain function, tendency to overeat or always feeling hungry. When you swith to good fat foods you will notice small to normal sized meals and have higher endurace throughout the day.

Dr. O’Bryan says,” There is no one diet that’s right for everyone. There’s no one eating style that’s right for everyone. There’s some basic foundational concepts that will work very well for almost everyone and this is one of them.” He recommends trying it and if your brain feels better, you loose weight effortlessly, cravings stop, you’re moving in the right direction. 

Asprey says, “There are doctors who have high risk cardio patients who print out the diet and give it to their patients,” and see extraordinary success.

Dave doesn’t charge for the informtion or the diet. He says, “I’m not asking for money. I’m kind of upset that I spent $300,000 in 15 years with lots of suffering to get what should have come in my high school health classes.” When he began his research Asprey weighed 300 pounds. He says he did not use traditional exercise regimes, he ate healthy real food, as God made it and drank Bulletproof Coffee.




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