TellSpec is a handheld scanner that can be flashed over any food, send a message of content to your phone and immediately tell you what ingredients are contained in the food. 

These models are prototypes of a future model.

Isabel Hoffmann, Founder and CEO of TellSpec, Inc., had a daughter who suffered from food allergies. She struggled to find safe foods for her when they were in restaurants and buying packaged foods. 

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Just scan the food with the handheld device like this.

It works with and food telling you the presence of gluten, sugar, calories, chemicals, pesticides, etc.

The breakdown of the food, chemicals and other information is sent from the device to your smartphone.

Listed warnings are things like sulfites, preservatives, nuts, tartrazine, palm oil, eggs, fats, and much more.

For those just learning what ingredients are a detailed explanation is available for further information.

For those of us with food allergies and food sensitivities our lives may be getting better in the near future when this product finishes production. 

To find out more watch this video which has been used to help raise money for production.

Or this video to learn more about the product, see Isabel Hoffmann and learn about her daughter’s food challenges that brought about the food scanner. 

For updates on production of the product “like” there Facebook page here:

or visit their website here.




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