WIC provides food to women during their time of need, including healthy clean food that stops autism, ADHD and bipolar dead in their tracks! Food choices can feed bad bacteria in the gut causing countless illnesses including ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, bipolar, anxiety, dyslexia, hypoglycemia and more. By choosing foods that starve bad bacteria and feed the good bacteria in your gut you can see no evidence of these diseases.

In our family we have been free from these and other issues for seven years now and counting. The credit goes to clean food.

WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is a government assistance program to supplement food for those pregnant or with children up to age five who qualify financially. Each state has a protocol and some food choices may vary but all programs allow options for healthy eating. Going off this list of healthy foods it is easy to eat healthy food that heals a child from the symptoms of autism, bipolar and especially ADHD while eating WIC foods.

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Click here for an article that is a brief overview of how you should eat on WIC and EBT to healthfully correct these issues. In this post I’ll go down the list of WIC food showing what exactly to buy and what to absolutely not ever eat. Food that isn’t food, or is food-ish, will not nourish. Instead it will feed bad gut bacteria making the above listed challenges more prevalent.

Going down the WIC list linked above:

Juice – Juice is not a good food source as there are additives included to preserve and often sweeten the juice. These feed bad bacteria in the intestinal tract. The only juice we drink, that is safe and keep us out of the autism, ADHD and bipolar zone is juice we juiced in our juicer. If you can find juice that has nothing extra added (where the ingredient list reads something like this – ingredients: apples, water) the juice still contain emulsifiers and has still been pasteurized killing much of the benefit. The emulsifiers aren’t listed on the ingredient list because they are industry standard meaning every juice maker uses them so by law they do not need to list the ingredient. Click here for more industry standard information.

When you juice at home the attrition, or die off decline, of the nutritional content is fast. Within 30 minutes of juicing the vegetables or fruit is half of what it was when it was first pressed. If you can purchase a juice that is strictly juice, no additives, I would use it to flavor kombucha only. This will turn the juice into a probiotic and give your child a desperately needed nutrient dense food. Kombucha is a great alternative to soda (which a child with these issues should never consume).

Milk – Milk is one of the absolutely never eat foods for those suffering from overgrowth of bad bacteria. Many researchers say over 90% of the population can not digest milk, whether raw or pasteurized. On WIC you do not have the option to purchase raw milk so pasteurized, off the store shelf, is going to be your choice. The only way milk will be beneficial to your child with gut issues is to feed them fermented milk products: yogurt, kefir, sour cream or Creme Fraiche. Whey and then yogurt is a great place to start as it is the easiest to digest. Once yogurt is handled well try kefir. Both are made easily and inexpensively at home.

To make yogurt pour your gallon of milk in a pot on the stove, heat it up to 180 degrees, cool it down to 120 degrees, add 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt from the store like this one.
You DO want healthy fats in your yogurt and all your food. The more fat you eat, the faster the gut can heal. Fat free diets are detrimental to those with ADHD, autism and bipolar. Any plain Greek yogurt similar to this one will do as long as there are no flavors added, sweeteners that will feed bad bacteria or preservatives. The ingredient list should read: milk, cultures and say live bacteria present like acidophilus. Once you have stirred in the yogurt (known as your starter) pour the warm milk into small glass jars and put them on a heating pad, on the top of your refrigerator or in a water bath in the slow cooker or even just put them in the oven while leaving on the oven light, creating a low-grade warmth. The goal is to have the temperature at 110-115 degrees. Yogurt will be done in roughly 12 hours pending on the heat source. Those with gut damage should ferment their yogurt for 24 hours to be sure all the lactose is removed. Once finished, seal with lids and store in the refrigerator. This yogurt will keep just like the yogurt in the store. IF you have pink on top of your yogurt it has grown mold on top and “brewed too long.” Some people simply scrape it off and eat the rest, the choice is yours, just remember that brewing time and don’t allow it to brew that long the next time. Greek yogurt is strained to reduce the whey content.

To make kefir you need starter grains which can be obtained for free through many channels. You can search Facebook or Craigslist and find them quickly. Facebook has a group https://www.facebook.com/groups/501515779859001/ where you can readily find grains. If someone wants to charge you for grains keep looking. Grains grow more grains as you brew kefir so many brewers have an overabundance of them if they are regularly brewing. To brew simply put your grains in a glass jar, pour whole milk over top, put the lid on and leave it on the counter for a day. Shake the jar a few times throughout the day as the grains only brew the milk it touches. Shaking the jar will relocate the grains brewing the whole container.

Kefir and yogurt are both probiotics, feeding the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. You can buy both from your grocery store shelf however, it is much cheaper to brew your own and the probiotic count is in the thousands with a home brew vs the hundreds from a store purchase. Home brewing is by far much more healthy and inexpensive.

Breakfast cereal – Breakfast cereal is NOT food. It’s not even food-ish. Breakfast cereal is not nutrient dense, will most likely contain some sort of food color or sugar that feed bad bacteria in the intestinal tract and give the direct result of ADHD, autism and the like. A study was done years ago showing the box that the cereal comes in has a higher nutritional value than the cereal itself. Personally I would get the cereal as it is free to you on WIC and I would give it to someone else in exchange for babysitting or carpooling gas money.

It is illegal to sell WIC items to another person.

In our house if we have a hankering for cereal we chop up nuts in this and pour homemade almond milk on top.

Cheese – One of the only cheeses that does not feed bad bacteria and is relatively safe is block cheddar cheese. Some people can also do monterey jack. We have issues with it so we use it as a rare condiment sparingly. Once your child is eating more clean nutrient dense food you will tell if they are tolerating block cheddar. To read how to test if your child can handle certian foods click here.

Eggs – In a perfect world you want to get your own chickens who eat bugs outside but in the real world you may need to buy your eggs and be done with it. The tell tale sign for nutrition of eggs is the color of the yolk, the darker orange the better. Bright yellow yolks are the least full of nutrition, specifically vitamins A & D. People who suffer from the above issues are generally  massively deficient in A  &  D which should be obtained through foods. Synthetically made vitamins have added A and D which can be toxic at certain doses. Food sourced A and D is different as it is digestible and the body knows how to absorb it.

Fruits and Vegetables – Refer to this list of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables have more nutrition if you ferment them like taking cabbage and fermenting it into sauerkraut.

Whole wheat bread – To read about wheat click here for a four part article on the affects of wheat. Don’t eat it if you suffer from the above health issues. EVER! Many adults have told me if they don’t eat wheat they don’t have to medicate. Honestly what I would use wheat bread for is to attract wildlife that could fill my freezer. You may want to refer to the above list on breakfast cereal for other options.

Fish – Fish that is wild caught is all good. Farm raised fish is not the same product, is fed antibiotics and will further damage the gut causing more problems.

Legumes, dry, canned or peanut butter – You have two options here. The first is dry navy beans properly soaked and sprouted. The second is peanut butter where the ingredient list reads: peanuts, salt. No other ingredients on the peanut jar can exist or it will feed bad bacteria.

A reader sent a private message telling me Methodist churches all over the country take part in gleanings which is a fabulous source for healthy nutrient dense food.  Gleanings happen in the farmer’s field after the pretty produce has been picked. The churches come in and pick the unsellable blemished or misshapen product that is perfectly healthy. People who volunteer always can bring home some. Contact your local Methodist church and ask if they have any gleanings scheduled in which you can volunteer.

Thank you to the two readers who requested this post. Eating clean food is often a minefield but together we can navigate the puzzle. If you know someone this may help please share!

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