Dr.s James and Deth, two highly recognized DAN! doctors (Defeat Autism Now!), “Discovered autistic children suffered from a failure to naturally detoxify their own bodies.” They found there, “Was a failure to detoxify the body through the two natural processes of methylation and sulfation. These two processes help the body flush out toxins, primarily through the urine.” (Bock 2007 p82)

They specifically point the finger at heavy metal toxicity inhibiting detoxification.

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To detoxify heavy metal poisoning they recommend:

1)      An anti-hypoglycemia diet- according to Neurohackers, “Dr. Russell Blaylock (says), high sugar content and starchy carbohydrates leads to excessive insulin release, which in turn leads to falling blood sugar levels, or hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia causes the brain to secrete glutamate in levels that can cause agitation, depression, anger, anxiety, panic attacks and an increase in suicide risks.” An anti-hypoglycemia diet should consist of grass fed beef, free ranging pork, wild caught fish and non-starchy vegetables.

2)      restriction of problematic foods

3)      DMSA

4)      Methyl B-12

5)      Essential fatty acids

In the book Is This Your Child? Dr. Doris Rapp, M.D. links allergies, hyperactivity, behavior issues and learning disabilities. She used hair analysis to check heavy metal poisoning and other toxic elements, finger pricks to check lead poisoning and blood work to check food allergies. Metal toxicity and food allergies were remarkably consistent.

Candida is a common yeast found in all intestinal tracts but is also testing off the charts in overgrowth in these kids. “Symptoms of yeast-connected problems are fatigue, irritability, short attention span, headaches, and respiratory problems.” (Merlin 2006 p 61)

Candida tests in three catagories: IgG candida is a blood long-term infection, IgM candida is an acute candida infection and IgA candida is an infection of the gastro-intestinal tract and the bowels.

Neurologist Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), also says these kids have a poor ability to detoxify. Her studies indentified consistent bad bacterial overgrowth in each and every patient suffering from ADHD, autism and allergies. She describes the overgrowth of bad bacteria becomes so bad that it actually eats holes in the intestinal lining allowing the bad bacterial to leach into the bloodstream. Blood tests consistenly showed foreign bodies and bacterias that should not exist in the blood stream but should only exist in the intestines. One of the consitently high overgrowth counts was Candida Albicans.

[amazon-element asin=”0954852028″ fields=”lg-image” ]Dr. Natasha says gut damage and poor detoxification is consist in every one of her patients. Click here to view or order her book. This single text will give you start to finish guidelines in detoxification and healing.

Dr. Stephen Edelson M.D., author of Conquering Autism Reclaiming Your Child Through Natural Therapies, says, “An aggressive detoxification program can help stop the cycle of toxic overload, and allow the body’s organ systems to regain normal functioning.” (Edelson 2003, p 134.)







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