DSC03696Teaching our children has always worked best when we are creative. They retain more information and it’s more exciting for all of us!

DSC03697 Recently we started watching Bones on Netflix after we were done with our book curriculum and needed an educational show. Every time they mentioned a bone we stopped the show, looked up the bone on our poster and used blue painters tape to mark the spot on an adjacent door.

The painters tape should not take off paint when it is removed, however the longer you leave the tape up in a humid or hot environment the chances of it removing underlying paint is higher. We put the tape on a high gloss paint white door so it would remove easily.

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Some bones are not easily recognizable so we look up a virtual body here: https://www.biodigitalhuman.com/home/

Anatomy posters come in various degrees of detail and range in price from comfortable to gulp-we-may-not-need-to-study-that-after-all. These are both very economical and detailed choices.

If you’re looking for a laminated poster click on this picture: [amazon-element asin=”B0009VL14Y” fields=”lg-image” ]


If you’re looking for a vintage poster click on this picture: [amazon-element asin=”B001BYPS6K” fields=”lg-image” ]


Bones is a show that contains adult content and graffic images of deceased bodies. Please use parental discretion where you feel neccesary.







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