Historic advertisements tell us a lot of what life was like but they also tell us facts that have gone astray through time in the effort to sell, sell, sell. This 1920 advertisement from the Good Luck company does exactly that – it tells us how far from healthy we have strayed.

Jelke advertised a product called Good Luck, a meat fat margarine. They highlighted malnutrition which presented as, “Drooping posture, chronic fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration and abnormal desires to eat between meals,” among others. The ad stated if your child suffered from one or more of these symptoms of malnutrition they should seek correction through meat fats.

“So often children refuse to eat the highly nourishing fatty part of meats. Yet fully 1/3 of the energy value of a normal child’s diet, a famous child specialist says, should be derived from fats. Fats are sheer energy, 2 1/4 times more nourishing in this respect than any other form of food. And they furnish the sustaining, slow-burning kind of energy that growing boys and girls need most. That is why authorities warn against letting fat starvation continue through the young formative years. You need not run the risk of fat-starving your child. You can give him the wholesome meat fats he needs in a form he will enjoy – GOOD LUCK meat fat margarine. Serve it at every meal.”

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In today’s society we are taught low fat choices are healthy.

In the 1920s it was common knowledge that hunger between meals was abnormal and a result of fat starvation. It was also common knowledge that the fatty part of meat was nourishing, sustaining and gave energy. This is very interesting information that is foreign to us today, especially at a time when so many people are obese and constantly hungry from malnutrition.

Studies today are showing us that coconut oil speeds up the metabolism and is even found to reverse alzheimer’s disease. Coconut oil is a good healthy fat that nourishes, as is butter, tallow, lard and olive oil. This is the same information the advertisement from 1920 explained yet we are sold information today that low fat diets as healthy.

Fatigue, irritability and lack of concentration are common ailments today. People everywhere are looking for foods that provide slow-burning energy and it was common knowledge in 1920 that nourishing energy like that came from good meat fat.

Deborah Graefer, L.Ac. M.T.O.M. and gallbladder specialist says, “Fat-free and low-fat diets can be a cause for gallbladder problems.”

The same is said about alzheimer’s disease.

[amazon-element asin=”B0062AA0ZW” fields=”lg-image” ] In her book Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was A Cure? Dr. Mary Newport, neonatologist, says, “I do have a collection now of almost 220 reports, mostly from caregivers and some from the person themselves, reporting that they saw improvement after they started taking coconut oil.”

CBN News reported, “In patients with Alzheimer’s, insulin resistance prevents their brain cells from accepting glucose, their primary fuel. Without it, the cells die. But there is an alternate fuel known as ketones, which cells easily accept. Ketones are metabolized in the liver after eating coconut oil.”

[amazon-element asin=”B000VVTTPA” fields=”lg-image” ]Neurobiology of Aging (xxx [2012] 1e10) just released a study stating, “Increasing circulating ketone bodies, via fasting or feeding a high fat low-carbohydrate diet, is effective in treating epilepsy.” High fat low-carbohydrate diets include non-starchy vegetables and quality meats or fish.

These studies are directly proving common knowledge facts in 1920, healthy fats nourish. We study history for information on so many topics, maybe it’s time we study history for the health of our food.








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