Different foods cause different responses in the intestinal tract, feeding bad bacteria and breaking the blood brain barrier. It is vital to avoid these foods that feed bad bacteria in the intestines and as a result cause problematic behavior. Some people do not have visible swelling but do have evidence of bad bacteria overgrowth prestenting as ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, ticks and dyslexia. Once the offensive foods have been removed from the diet, some parents beleive their child never had ADHD, autism or even bipolar disorder. Instead they say it was just a reaction to food. The food we eat today is not as clean as it was in years past. It’s mass manufactured for high yield, altering the God made structure. THIS is what some parents say is causing these behavioral problems.

Stay away from this list of foods like it’s a street drug, because it is. To an ADHD or autistic kid, it is.

If you have tried food to cure behavior issues and it didn’t work check these commonly eaten foods that are thought to be healthful to children with behavior problems. It is a lot of work and takes a lot of time but you will gain the freedom of an imprisoned person.

It’s hard to look at this list and not get overwhelmed. Take it in small bites if that helps. It is not worth having a breakdown, it IS worth getting better and better each day.

Many mothers have told me they changed their diet and it didn’t help their child. Please post below if you’ve eliminated all these things and still saw no results. There are other options at that point. I’ve never heard of that happening but in the most incredible cases it is possible.

Add to this list anything ending in an -ate, -ose, -ite, -ol, -in.


balsamic vinegar

baking powder

bouillon cubes


canola oil

canned food (of all sorts)



cereals (of any kind)

chicken (store bought with injected preservatives)


cocoa powder

coffee (instant)


corn starch

corn syrup

cottage cheese

cow’s milk

cream cheese

diet soda (in all forms)

evaporated Cane Juice

Ezekial Bread

fast food


food dyes (in all forms)

gluten free flours

garbanzo beans

garbanzo bean flour

gum (of any kind)

hemp milk/flour/seed/protein powder

high frutctose corn syrup

juice (storebought)


maple syrup


milk chocolate





natural flavors (of all kinds)


oats (unless certified gluten free)

packaged food (of all kinds)


pectin (apple pectin is ok)


processed meats

protein powder





sugar (in all forms)

tapioca flour

turbinado sugar


wheat germ

white potatoe

xanthum gum



yogurt (unless homemade from Greek yogurt starter- preferrably from real milk)

yucca root

In a nutshell what you want to do is buy vegetables, real butter, real meat, fish and cook them on the stove or in the oven. It is worth saying again; yes, this is more work. Yes, this takes more time. BUT you will have a healthy child. In the long run you are saving time and freeing a person.




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