Sometimes I sit and sometimes I just say stuff to see who else is ADHD, like me. Here’s 12 things to never say to someone with ADHD. Except if have your video camera ready.

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12. God made so many of them because they’re good sautéed in butter.


11. If you put this frog down her shirt it’ll soften her skin. Make her happy.


10. Bet you can’t stand on that ledge.


9. Hey this smells bad, taste it for me.


8. I wonder what would happen if you kissed that snake?


7. I drive, you surf.


6.  It’s just a train, race ya!


5.  If I catch it, will you eat it?


4. That’s just a myth. Put your tongue on it, you’ll just melt the pole.


3. Put your feet on the handlebars and just stand up!


2. It’s still moving, eat it fast!


1. Where’d my sister go? Bet ya can’t push that port-a-potty over.


If you dare us, we’re going to do it. If you offer an adventure, we’ll take it. If you’re bored and want to do something just make the offer because we’re always up for something good! Don’t tempt us on something we can actually do because we’ll do it!


[amazon-element asin=”B008W0ZYAQ ” fields=”lg-image” ]We don’t stop to think so nothing is holding us back! We have the advantage of go, go, go, hey, look, oh, check that out!, let’s do it – squirrel!


We can do 10 things at once, successfully, and we’ll do it laughing the whole time! It’s not because it’s funny it’s because we’re laughing at what you can’t do.


Secretly, we are super-heros but we don’t say it because it’ll just make you feel bad.


Do not try any of the above listed ideas at home. Do not try them anywhere else outside of the home. I am not a professional and I do not know what I am doing. No animals were harmed in the writing of this article. No trees were cut down. No steroids or mood enhancing drugs were used. You did not see me do any of these listed things and you can not prove I was involved.

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Add yours below. Always looking for more ideas!






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