Eating clean, organic food didn’t heal my child is a statement I’ve heard before from loving mothers who have tried to eat clean food in an effort to release a child from ADHD behavior. The challenge is, food isn’t food and moms who feel they are doing everything right are still feeding behavior altering chemicals and food-ish substances to their children. Dr. Natash Cambell-McBride says every single one of her thousands of patients gets healed from problematic behavior. She’s talking about ADHD kids, autistic kids, bipolar kids, psychiatric patients and more.   [amazon-element asin=”0954852028″ fields=”image” ]



Dr. William Davis says crones, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease and others are all the same disease resulting from different depths of destruction to the intestinal track.

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The Raw Food Story carried a piece from Reuters in an article entitled, “Study links genetically modified grain to stomach inflammation in pigs.” They stated, “Pigs fed a diet of only genetically modified grain showed markedly higher stomach inflammation.” Raw Story goes on to say, “The inflammation was worse in GM-fed males compared to non-GM fed males by a factor of 4.0, and GM-fed females compared to non-GM-fed females by a factor of 2.2.”

This meat could very easily cause behavior problems. It does for us.

Care 2, The Real Food Cause said, “Rats fed genetically modified corn or exposed to the Monsanto herbicide Roundup were at greater risk for developing tumors, suffering organ damage or dying prematurely.” The study was exposed in Food and Chemical Toxicology. Generally studies require a three month testing period to acquire adequate test results; this study was done for two years, the life of the rats.

Eating meat fed this type of feed would definitely cause issues for us.

The USDA put out a film they called “for the public interest” in 1960 titled, “Miracles From Agriculture,” promoting convenience food, what we consider today processed foods. The film shows how scientists have “Fixed the gluten in flour.”

Eating this flour would absolutely cause behavior issues for us.

Senator Maralyn Chase (D) from the state of Washington, went on WWGF News and stated, “The Grocery Manufacturers Association estimates that between 75-80% of all processed foods available on grocery store shelves contain GMOs.”

Soy has been proven to affect reproductive organs on rats to the point where third generation animals can not reproduce and scientists have difficulty finding the reproductive organs at all.

Jami Oliver exposed some meats as byproduct throwaway pieces glued together, ingested with flavor and dyed to look and taste like meat.

Animals fed soy definitely cause behavior issues for us. Chickens that say vegetarian fed are fed GMO soy.

Oranges and lemons are treated with color for more aesthetic presentation. You can test your fruit by sitting in on a white windowsill for a few days and seeing the left behind colored imprint.

Scientist countered these studies by saying these rats are predisposed to tumors, the chemicals protect the fruit, etc. They say these poisons are passed through and out of an animal’s fecal matter. This gives the impression that the food we eat does not affect our muscles or our organs.

Simple common sense disproves this. No quotes or science is needed. Not one person on this planet can drink a bottle of vodka and not feel the affects, even though it is passed through and out the urine and fecal matter. Meth will affect your skin, your teeth, your brain before it is passed out your fecal matter. Food does the same thing. It goes in, it goes out, but it travels through the body on the way. This is simple third grade health class material.

Another perfect example is purple mint. I talked to a farmer today who nearly lost her pregnant cow because the cow got horrifically sick from eating just the top leaves off a purple mint plant growing in her field. That’s a handful of leaves that nearly killed a pregnant cow within one day.

The truth remains, what you put in your mouth goes into your body. What goes into your body either nourishes or causes your body to malfunction. If your body is malfunctioning reconsider the food.

Nestle, the 27th largest company in the world, takes pride in producing GMO products by saying, “Man is now in the position of being able to provide some balance to Nature.” CEO Peter Brabeck says, “Organic is not best.” He goes on to say, “After 15 years of eating GM food product in the USA not one single case of illness has occurred from eating them to date.”





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