Kerrygold butter is no longer the potent nutrient dense product we’ve always known and is now 90% grass fed with supplementation of corn and soy. In addition, Kerrygold says on their website the product is 97% GMO free.

Although 97% appears to be a high number, if you suffer from soy and corn allergies you are eating what the cow eats.

GMO soy has been blamed for suppressing the thyroid. One of the side affects being

irritability or general listless behavior. Some people complain of complete exhaustion after eating meat or dairy fed soy.

Products mass produced are always questionable in quality, in my opinion, as the bottom line for big companies is the bottom line. The challenge we see in this house is when food ingredients are compromised we suffer with behavior issues, specifically ADHD, autism, bipolar, dyslexia, exhaustion, hypoglycemia and others. This is all from food ingredients that are not pure food but are food-ish. We have a saying around here, “If it’s not food, don’t put it in your mouth.” That includes man processed food made of chemicals and pesticide structures. If God made the food, we can eat it. If man touched it, altered it in any way, treated, bleached, centrifuged, or others, we can not touch it. The best option is to find a local farmer if you can not have your own farm. Find out from your farmer what they feed their animals as well as the medicine treatment and injections. It’s also a good rule to visit the farm and see with your own eyes what is happening on that farm.

Everyone thinks they are doing the right thing, or they wouldn’t be doing it!

If you can not find a local farmer good sources for nutrient dense butter are Anchor Butter from New Zealand (if you can get it – good luck!), Azure Standard, Kalona SuperNatural, Organic Valley pastured butter (not pasteurized), Miller Organics or Natural By Nature

OrganicValley does use soy and corn but they site these grains as certified organic and non-GMO. They also state their salt does not contain free flowing agents like aluminum.

If you are in a state of healing and purity is of utmost importance 3% GMO is a dangerous addition to your diet. If you are not in a health crisis a rule of thumb is: good, better, best. Sometimes you eat what is good, sometimes you eat what is best. Some people eat clean food under the 80/20 rule. Meaning if they eat clean 80% of the time 20% of the time isn’t going to damage their system. For us, that isn’t an option.


Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride sites a study on mice fed mercury, sited in my previous blogged series on wheat. In the study the rats with good gut flora showed significantly less toxicity because their bodies didn’t absorb the toxicity. The affect is if your gut flora is bountiful your body will not absorb the negative ingredients.

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8 Responses to Kerrygold Butter has Changed!

  1. Chris says:

    I live in New Zealand and am surprised you’ve listed anchor butter as a good alternative. Do you have info that its any different to the anchor butter sold here in New Zealand that would be made from cows milk fed who knows what percentage of soy, grains, palm kernel extract and no guarantee the soy, corn and grains wouldn’t be gmo, just my thinking.

    • Becky Plotner says:

      Chris thank you! Together we make information better! Sometimes research doesn’t back up to other research until something corrects misinformation. Much appreciated and i tip my hat to you. Please tell me what you know!

  2. Kristin says:

    Organic Valley pasture butter is going to be pasteurized too. You will not find raw butter commercially produced. It is illegal everywhere unless you own a cow share.

  3. Kerrygold still states on their website that all of their cheese, butter and milk products are GMO-free. It is my understanding that the Kerrygold cows are fed grain during the month that they are not being milked, while they are giving birth.. This must be the reason Kerrygold can guarantee that still.

  4. Pucelle says:

    Raw butter is legal for sale within the state of California

  5. MeganAlba says:

    Guess I need to start stocking up on Organic Valley while their pastured butter is still in season….

  6. Organic Pastures in Southern California sells real organic grassfed raw butter. It’s expensive though!

  7. Rebecca says:

    This is great information. So glad you shared it. I just read a similar posting several days ago on She states some great information as well as some wonderful alternatives. We too are a very soy sensitive household and this change will effect our butter buying practices in the future.

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