Jerry Lewis, famous actor and spokesman for muscular dystrophy, was given information on the dangerous affects of certain food and how it negatively affects the digestive track directly causing illness. Lewis showed the data to the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s (MDA) Medical Committee. The MDA immediately fired Jerry Lewis and all who heard and saw the data, including those at the MDA who were loyal to Jerry. The information Lewis showed the MDA was from Dr. Joel Wallach. Wallach DVM, ND, and author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, was involved in 8 different lawsuits brought against the FDA. Each lawsuit was pertaining to the health claims of vitamins and minerals. At the time the FDA wanted vitamins off the shelves siting unreliable health claims. Wallach won.

Wallach, along with Dr Peter Glidden, ND, formed Youngevity where they use nutritional supplements instead of traditional medicine. Glidden did a lecture “Good Food Bad Food”  where he stated 60% of caucasians and  80% of blacks have difficulty digesting gluten protein.

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Today’s wheat has a different structure than the wheat 50 years ago. Several amino acids have been altered during crossbreeding creating a polypoiting product. Polyploiting means the female and male species are brought together to create an end-product with a different chromosomal structure than the original product. Einkorn wheat from the Bible has 28 chromosomes.  Mixed with emmer wheat, the wheat often discussed in the Bible, a wild grass wheat, the end product showed 42 chromosomes. It is unknown if this specific chromosome change is what creates this offspring to bind to the opiate receptors of the brain and causes appetite stimulation (as explained in part 2).
Dr. David Clark,  DC, a chiropractic neurologist, functional neurologist and clinical nutritionist says gluten and yeast create a cross reaction directly feeding candida, a fungal yeast. The gluten causes inflammation, the immune system attachs the inflammation then antibodies are released designed to battle the foreign invader causing the inflammation. This is the way the body normally responds but this is not supposed to be a normal healthy function for the body, 6 times a day (as suggested by our US Gov’t food pyramid) it is the response to an invader.

Clark says gluten free products cause the body to respond in exactly the same way.  

Dr. Wallach connects inability to digest wheat to, “celiac disease, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s disease and lupus.” He says it, “Causes the small intestine to become inflammed much like skin exposed to poison oak. (It) causes people to suffer a myriad of health challenges due to a lack of nutrient absorbtion.”[amazon-element asin=”B0091V25WK ” fields=”image” ]                            

Currently the latest concerns for foodies come from Clearfield wheat grown on over a million acres in Oregon. Clearfield comes from BASF, a chemical company.

As described in the  Clearfield wheat stewardship bulletin linked below in sources,  “BASF researchers identified a gene
naturally occurring in wheat that provides tolerance to imazamox, the active ingredient in Beyond® herbicide.”

In the Best Practices explanation it is written, “The Clearfield production system for wheat is a novel technology,” and  that the wheat is specifically designed to, “Control many problematic grass and broadleaf weeds.” They also say,  “It was developed using enhanced, traditional plant breeding techniques.” Farmers are required to sign a contract saying they will follow Clearfield’s guidlelines. In the agreement hazards are discussed including how to manage accidents. Dr. William David sited these hazards for sodium azide. They say if it is ingested on accident and the person requires cpr that is should not be given as the person giving the cpr to the victim will also die. In addition if the sick person vomits, instructions say that vomit should not be disposed of down the sink as it will cause the sink to explode.   

Dr. Davis says, “We are the unwhitting victims in a grand genetics experiment gone sour.” [amazon-element asin=”1609611543″ fields=”image” ] He says, “Wheat is the perfect obesogen, a food perfectly crafted to cause weight gain.” 

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)[amazon-element asin=”0954852028″ fields=”image” ] says the problem comes from damage to tiny villi in the intestinal track. Once these villi are damaged bad bacteria is allowed to proliferate as the good bacteria is compromised. The bad bacteria overgrowth gets to the point where it is so damaging that it eats through areas of the intestinal wall creating ulcers. Food particles, fecal matter and bad bacteria leak through these intestinal ulcers and enter the bloodstream, going right to the brain and other organs. This is Ileal-Lymphoid Nodular Hyperplasia and Non-Specific Colitis and has been coined Leaky Gut.

Dr. Davis discusses irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, crones disease and more saying, “All of which are teh same disease just different levels of tissue distruction, all a result of malabsorption.”


This article is written from a presentation I was asked to give at the Weston A. Price, Debunking Nutritional Myths Conference, in the spring of 2013.  This is part 3 of 4 on Wheat.
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