Social media says Dr. Leon Eisenberg, the man considered to be the “father of ADD and ADHD” claimed on his deathbed that he confessed ADD is a fictitious disease. This is partly true.


Eisenberg, a child psychiatrist, social worker and medical educator (1922-2009), changed the world for children with autism, ADD and ADHD. In essence what he did was categorize children who where then considered mentally retarded, moderate to severe, and put them into a whole new umbrella of medical terminology – ADD, ADHD and autism.



The New York Times said, “Dr. Eisenberg completed the first detailed, long-term study of children with autism, demonstrating among other things that language problems predicted its severity.” He was the chief of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. He also worked with HarvardMedicalSchool where he is credited with establishing HarvardMedicalSchool’s Department of Social Medicine.

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In the 40s when Eisenberg began his research classifying ADHD children into these categories was pretty rare and was considered uncommon. Eisenberg’s obituary in 2009 stated a massive leap in diagnosis to a whopping 8%.  The CDC website states, “The percentage of children with a parent-reported ADHD diagnosis increased by 22% between 2003 and 2007.”


The Huffington Post published an article claiming diagnoses of ADHD rose 66% from 2000 to 2010.


The article in which Dr. Eisenberg is quoted to have said that ADHD is a fictitious disease happened months before he died and when translated from German to English reads “over diagnosed” not fictitious disease.


It is also true that our schools get paid according to the number of students diagnosed with ADHD.


Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, GAPS author, and pioneer on curing children of autism, ADHD and other disorders shows evidence of 100% recovery in her patients who suffer from these diseases. She blames the disorders on a malfunctioning intestinal track, deficient in good bacteria but prolific with bad bacteria overgrowth. Her protocol is one of starving out the bad bacteria while feeding the good bacteria. It’s worth repeating, her success rate is 100%.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Link to her book here:

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As a mother of a child formerly engulfed with autism and ADHD, I agree with Dr. Natasha. If ADHD does indeed exist it is curable through nutrition. To this day if my son eats something food-ish he reverts to inappropriate behavior and acts like he’s literally drugged. If I feed him food-ish items he’s a mess. If I feed him God made food, full of nutrient dense vitamins and minerals, he’s a normal child.


The real challenge isn’t proving or disproving the existence of ADHD, it’s proving to the community if we eat food, real food full of nutrition and vitamins, we are normal healthy people. The challenge then becomes finding this real food and eliminated ALL food-ish items from the diet, including meat products injected with fluids and vegetables modified with GMOs. If what you put in your mouth causes intestinal inflammation and thus drugged behavior it is my recommendation that you don’t eat it.


If it’s not food, don’t put it in your mouth.


If you eat real food and it eliminates ADHD 100% of the time, maybe Dr. Eisenberg is correct and ADHD is over diagnosed.



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